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Other Services

Corporate and Commercial Interiors

We are one of the best leading service providers of corporate & commercial interior & exterior solutions on Pan Tamilnadu basis. We provide complete Interior & Exterior & Civil Works solutions under one roof. Our range of services includes turnkey projects, top interior contractor for home, hotel interior designing, showroom interior designing, shop interior designing and hospital interior. We undertake the turnkey projects for corporate companies comprising Civil, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Networking and HVAC Projects. We have a specialized team to provide services to our clients. We have undertaken and executed projects for Corporate Companies, Villas, Schools, Canteen & Cafeterias, Reception, Retail Markets and many more projects throughout our working experience.

Home and Office Renovation Services

We are providing professional renovation services in Tamilnadu for Homes and Offices. SMB ensures to design as well as execute your entire project at minimum possible time & at very competitive prices. Since Home and office renovations are becoming very popular these days, we aim to deliver the best whether you want to work from home or make your office as comfortable as your own home. We take complete responsibility providing you a wonderful ambiance, construction & renovations imported wallpapers, PVC, wall paneling, wood works, wooden flooring, lighting, false ceiling, glass work, paint jobs, POP, sofa set furniture & décor etc.

Green Construction Services

Along with benefiting the environment, our solutions for green construction give your organization important advantages. Environmentally friendly construction is beneficial for all kinds of buildings, including schools, offices, industrial facilities, hospitals, and apartment houses. Our green construction helps you save money on the use of energy and other resources. It can also increase the value of your building and create spaces that contribute positively to health, productivity, and enjoyment. We work with professionals who have received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation. We can ensure that your building qualifies for the certifications you want and satisfies other environmental regulations.

Project Management Consultancy

As a leading project management consultant, in our 28 years of existence, we have ensured top-notch performance, profitability, and efficiency for all our clients. Our experts have set new excellence boundaries in the industry with their vision and accurate understanding of construction. Our services seamlessly integrate with each client’s unique needs. Experienced experts plan a project and manage to ensure quality as per the client needs. Our versatility gets visible with the sectors we have covered in various parts of Tamilnadu. With revolutionary techniques and assistance, SMB has improved the management of men, material, machinery and invested money along with various other consulting features. We have refined our approach to construction management year after year to deliver excellent results to every client. Our experts proactively analyse industry trends, potential pitfalls, and hidden risks. It all results in a comprehensive strategy and successful implementation.

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