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Architect Specification

1. All Architect drawings & design are prepared by SMB in – house design team.
2. Structure – design/material & finishing specifications are based on Architect drawings.
3. Elevation finish will be done as per 3D view finalized by SMB Architect team & client.
4. Work will be executed based on the following drawings provided by SMB Architect team.

  • Concept plan – 3 to 4 plan views (any one concept can be finalized by client)
  • Final working drawing for all floors
  • Plan & section of staircase
  • Elevation 3D Views – 3 concepts (any one concept can be finalized by client)
  • Grill – Design for windows/ventilators and main gate
  • Plumbing & Drainage details
  • Joinery details (separate list & detailing)
  • Electrical layout for all floors
  • Water tank location & details

Structural Specification

1. RCC framed structure.
2. Foundation design upto 3 storey (G+2).
3. Work execution will be based on the structural design provided by SMB in -house team.

Civil Work Specification

1. Basement height of building 4’0” from the NGL.
2. G.F & F.F clear ceiling height 10’0”.
3. Parapet wall height 3’6” from roof slab concrete finish.
4. Loft width – 1’9” to 2’0” for all rooms.
5. Sunshade width – 1’6” to 2’0” wherever necessary as per Architect drawings.

Door Specification

1. Main door: Size 3’6” x 7’0” – Teak wood up to ₹4250/cft.
Teak wood door with teak wood frames/planks.
Main door- Bronze Finish for tower bolt, handles and lock.
2. Room doors: Door frame with country wood up to ₹3200/cft and flush door with laminated finish. SS-mortise lock & tower bolt/hinges in P.C.
3. Washroom doors: Door with aluminum frame and style covered by 2 mm thick ACP sheet double layer.

Windows Specification

1. UPVC finish accept the architect design.
2. Ventilation specification – UPVC finish as per the architect design.

Tiles Specification

Floor tiles & wall tiles:

Living hall Vitrified tiles upto ₹100/-Sqft (800×800/1200x 800)
Other Areas (MBR/Kitchen/Dining) Vitrified tiles upto ₹80/-Sqft (600×600)
Washrooms Wall: 7’0” height upto ₹50/-Sqft
Floor: Ceramic tiles upto ₹50/-Sqft
Kitchen Wall: Ceramic tiles 4’0” above kitchen tabletop up to ₹60/- Sqft
Utility Floor: Ceramic tiles up to ₹40/-Sqft
Wall: Ceramic tiles 3’0” height up to ₹40/-Sqft
Parking Vitrified rustic series tiles up to ₹60/-Sqft

Granite Specification

Varanda Granite upto ₹160 /-Sqft
Entrance Semi polished granite (black) flooring up to ₹150/-Sqft
Pooja Granite top upto ₹150/-Sqft as per drawing
Staircase Semi polished granite (black) flooring up to ₹150/-Sqft
Kitchen 20mm slab thick Jet black / equivalent black granite top upto ₹160/-Sqft

Electrical Specification

1. All conduits pipes & wiring (ISI certified).
2. Modular Switches (ISI certified).
3. Electrical details shall be provided as per the SMB Architect plan during the construction.

Plumbing & Drainage

1. Plumbing & Drainage details shall be provided as per the SMB Architect plan during the construction.
2. Systematic Work will be done with well-qualified workmanship.
3. The above work systems will be executed with proper planning and supervising.

Water Proofing Works

1. All washrooms/utility/balcony will be chemical coated with plastering.

Painting Finish

1. Interior – Emulsion Finish.
2. Exterior – Emulsion Finish.

Terms and Conditions

(SMB-Sri Muthumathi Builders)

The prevailing rates quoted for all the above packages are applicable for Madurai district.

1. Schedule of Payment

  • The schedule of payment break up is based on the execution of the work/material purchase/Fixing vendor.
  • The payments will be received in advance during the commencement of various stages as detailed in the breakup mentioned hereunder.

Stage 1: Booking payment – 15%
Architect design preparation, structural design preparation, Trial pit or soil test, site survey &site measurement drawings, shed work for watchman and labours, Material stockyard preparation as per the work schedules.

Stage 2: Basement level payment – 25%
Basement level payment – Site cleaning & marking, Foundation work, Earthwork excavation, Footing & earth beam casting, Raising of columns to plinth level, consolidation of soil at basement level, brickwork and plastering up to basement level. Wood material purchase and stock as per the work schedules.

Stage 3: Superstructure work payment – 20%
Brickwork – Construction of brick wall, casting of lintels, Loft and sunshade as per the work schedules.
Roof Slab – Casting of roof slab with shuttering and bar bending-reinforcement of steel for roof, electrical conduit laying as per the work schedules.

Stage 4: Plastering work payment – 10%
External / Internal plastering as per the work schedules.

Stage 5: Flooring payment – 10%
Tiles laying work for all washrooms/ Kitchen/ utility/Laying of granite or vitrified tiles for flooring in other areas as per the work schedule.

Stage 6: Electrical & Plumbing – 7%
Plumbing and Electrical works internal including laying of pipes as per the work schedule.

Stage 7: Painting work – 7%
Painting of internal and external wall with putty works for internal walls, exterior emulsion painting, all finishing as per the work schedule.

Stage 8: Woodwork and railing work – 5%
Wooden joinery works of fixing all doors and windows, Fabrication of railings.Interior woodworkas per the work schedule.

Stage 9: Handover – 1%
Handing over keys

2. Conditions of payment

  • Total Project Cost: If a client confirms a project with SMB, SMB gives a tentative project cost. This project cost is an appropriate estimate only. The final project cost might vary based on Architect concept plan/ Built-up area/ Structural design/Material change in specification.
  • Advance booking: Advance amount is paid by client, which will be used for site measurement/soil trail pit & soil test, Architect design, Structural design.
  • Variation of Package cost: All SMB packages are applicable only for Madurai district. All packages are subject to variation based on specification of material & method of finishing.
  • Advance Payment: 15% of the overall project value will be collected before execution which will be utilized for site mobilization activities (i.e. site cleaning, site marking for excavation and shed work material procurements).
  • Extra bills: This is an account that will be maintained as weekly bills for client and client has to clear extra bill every month end. These are based on actual payment as per the material utilized in site&labour payment.
  • Final Payment: SMB will collect all payments as per agreement & extra bill if any pending by client at the time of handing over keys.
  • Refund Policy: Booking amount is non-refundable as the amount would have already been utilized for designing, soil tests, surveys, freezing vendors and handling charges. Any decision on further refunds will be provided based on the company’s discretion.
  • Taxes: Gst / any govt tax is applicable as per the government policy /norms during agreement period.

3. Client scope works

Electricity, water charges will be charged extra and the client is accountable for all related payments for ensuring timely supply of water and electricity at the site


  • Client can make changes in the concept phase of design, but once the designs are finalized in the working drawing and agreements, further changes will not be entertained.
  • The SMB in-house design team will consult with external architects in case the client wishes to do so, however, any drawings that the in-house team provides will be chargeable.
  • SMB in-house construction team will ensure quality by periodical inspections. Civil and noncivil work materials may vary as per the design and availability of materials at the time of construction.
  • Any other works/design/specification not mentioned in Architect drawings/agreement that means extra charged.
  • The rate specified in the package is subject to the above terms condition & specification.
  • Structural design will be based on the condition of soil stratum. If the soil stratum condition is poor, extra charges will be applicable.
  • If the soil stratum is of high water table/loose soil/stone/existing building foundation, extra charges will be applicable.

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